Bachelor of Applied Information Technology

I completed my Bachelor of Applied Information Technology.

I have now completed my Bachelor of Applied Information Technology. It took me three years to do all the course content. Over this time, I have made many lifelong friends. I had an average grade of A+. My favorite paper was COMP605, Data Structures and Algorithms. I found the content clicked with me.

Over this time, I also took part in the Applied Deep Learning Research Group. As part of this, I helped with the paper Automatic counting of chickens in confined area using the LCFCN algorithm. I also joined the Peer Tutor program. Near the start of my time as a tutor, there was a third-year student in need of tutoring. As they did not have any third-year tutors, I was asked to step in and tutor him despite the fact I was a year behind him. He needed help with programming in the language php. In the course we had not yet covered php but, I had experience from outside of Wintec. I was able to apply my knowledge to successfully help him pass the paper.

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